I don’t take my camera everywhere, because sometimes that gets in the way of just looking at stuff. When people talk about themselves as a “visual person” I’m like, “yeah I can relate to that”. I like to watch the world go by as though it’s a movie, using my eyes as if though they are a viewfinder and my mind as a roll of film.

      I love appreciating old paintings & meticulously crafted cinema, the light in the afternoon, an expression on someone’s face, gaps between buildings – or just angles, shadows and highlights that occur naturally within space & time… And I think appreciating all that – that’s what drew me to become a photographer.

      I’m 33, I’m a lover of good times, good people and making an effort. I like drinking coffee, drinking beers, the great outdoors, live music, riding my motorbike, going out for dinner, good books, bad jokes, indoor plants and letting laughter set the soundtrack as I make my way through a couple of late afternoon beers with good friends.

      My approach is propped up by a genuine love for finding the beautiful in the most everyday and ordinary moments. Documenting life/the world/a story has always been my thing. Simply put, I guess I just like life. And I like helping people remember the bits they liked too.

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