I’m a big believer in a few things:

      First of all; that the world is a beautiful place.

      Secondly; that life is all about the journey – and not so much about the destination.

      Thirdly; that everyone has their own special story worth telling…


      And it’s those three things which find me here. Telling stories from behind my camera. Finding the beauty in the most natural and accepted moments life has to offer.

      I live between the Gold Coast & Melbourne – I’m the guy who likes the variety you see. I like the water, I like the mountains, I like live music, good books, bad jokes, white t-shirts, indoor plants and when the thing I was about to buy is already on sale.

      My work often takes me all across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.  When I’m not behind the lens, you’ll find me doing one of probably a few things: Standing around at a café – waiting semi-patiently for a coffee while I try to make small talk with the Barista/staring at my phone. Walking my dog along the beach, riding my motorbike, yelling at my TV in the hope that Geelong will make the top 8, or letting laughter set the soundtrack as I make my way through a couple of late afternoon beers with good friends.

      Simply, I like life. And I like helping people remember the bits they liked too.

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