–  Byron Bay, NSW – 


      These two legends first planned on getting married on the 1st of August 2020. They locked me in as their photographer more than 18 months ahead and it sounded like they had such an epic wedding day planned. Then someone bought them two tickets to the 2020 rollercoaster. They postponed to November, then they had to change venues, and then change venues again… Wedding planning became elopement planning and then wedding planning again.

      Then, when the last week of July rolled around and Australia looking like it was heading into Lockdown 2.0, they headed down to Byron Bay for two-weeks of long-awaited annual leave (that they had originally booked to you’know, get married in) when Rick said to Caroline, “should we just do it this weekend anyway?”

      They were good to go, the dress was ready – I got the call, the celebrant got the call, Anchored Cinema got the call and they found themselves a venue.

      They decided that after all, they really just wanted to get married even if they couldn’t have their guests there too. Cue; beautiful Byron Bay Elopement. It all fell into place just in time and I was lucky and privileged enough to be there photographing them as well as being asked to be one of the autographs on their certificate…