If you’re looking for images of yo’self in a lifestyle style, for any form of personal brand – be it LinkedIn Photos, actor headshots, adding some depth to your modelling portfolio or just some new natural photos of yourself looking great for tinder, bumble or hinge then please get in touch.

      The people below are a mixture of friends & clients and some of them I’m happy to call both.

      I like to capture people in a super natural, real & honest way. There’s a little process I go through beforehand to establish exactly what’s going to work and how it’s going to go down.

      Lastly – hey look, I understand that having your photo taken can be uncomfortable and slightly daunting. Don’t stress though – I like to think that I somewhat specialise in people who feel super awkward in front of the camera (hint: that’s a lot of people) and helping them relax, have fun and view the experience in a different way. You’ll be fine I promise!