Dave & Rachel

      – Port Stephens, NSW –


      Dave & Rachel met back in 2013 at the Lennox Head pub. As anyone who has ever been to the Lennox Pub can agree, it is one hell of a good time.

      Only a few months later, Dave moved to Kuala Lumpur, pursuing a once-in-a-lifetime teaching role. Rach moved to Newcastle, and the Lennox Head hotel wept as it would now be doing Saturday nights without their dance moves.

      They embarked on two years of long distance, including lots of FaceTime (the iPad kind), lots of flying, lots of missing each other and after Rach visited Kuala Lumpur 8 times, Dave moved to Newcastle to be with his girl. The rest = history.

      They did their wedding dance in Anna Bay, NSW around 150 or so of their friends & family. What a day!



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