Guru & Kristy

      –  Vaucluse Estate, Conara, Tasmania  – 


      I’m a very lucky man sometimes. I’m forever grateful for the variety in scenery I’m able to visit, let along photograph, across this beautiful country. I’ve been fortunate enough to see everything from bogan back-yard weddings to visiting some of the most epic corners of the country. So when these two asked me if I’d be keen to head into the middle of Tasmania to see them get hitched, there was only one answer.

      The serene beauty of Vaucluse Estate provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate wedding day. Take a look below to check out the action, in particular: their early arvo first look, their beautiful sunshiney lawn ceremony, breathtaking golden hour photos surrounded by fireflies, as well as their to their first dance in the romantic rotunda, every moment was an exquisite reflection of their love story.