At the end of 2015 I decided to go to India. I’d read about this incredible place called Ladakh in a book called ”Ancient Futures” by Helena Norberg-Hodge. After I read it (and possibly during the read also) I thought; “wow, sounds alright”.


      So I flew there, got a motorbike and took my camera everywhere I went. I had a lot of cups of chai with a lot of strangers, got stared at by a lot of indian people, ate a lot of samosa’s, set a personal record of eating ten chapatti’s in one sitting and just generally enjoyed the place.


      They call it “Incredible India” for a reason. Once you look past the surface, the smell, the garbage and the smog – you see the beauty. It honestly took me a couple of weeks to realise this. But after that it drew me in and captivated me like I could never have imagined. The photos I took are just my attempt to show that beauty to others. Here goes…


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