Rach & Matty

      –  Micks Place, Bali  –


      9 years ago Matty went to Airlie beach for summer. So did Rach. Then, when a cyclone came through and took out his tent, he sought shelter in Rach’s van. At the end of summer, Rach boarded a plane to head home to the UK, and Matty headed south again. The agony of love and being apart was too much for these two though. Rach quickly decided to disembark the plane before it took off. She called Matty. He picked her up from the airport, and 9 years later they went to Bali to get married.

      You only have to see the way they look at each other during their ceremony to appreciate how much love was in the air.

      Funny (not-so-funny) story, their was an earthquake during their wedding. A 6.9 quake hit during their reception. Lots of people made jokes like: “oooh, this wedding got off to a shaky start…!”

      But honestly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.



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