– Donnelly River, WA – 

      December 5th 2019.


      *please read the caption below

      ** if you skip the caption please know that these photos are not all mine. A whole bunch were taken by the amazing Ricky Gestro and Natasja Kremers.

      *** “Surplice of Dicks” refers to my mate Scott Surplice’ Camp Games team (winning team). Check it below


      Halfway through October I left my Bali holiday a couple of days early, flew over to Perth and drove 3 hours south through the WA bush to Donnelly River. I arrived in the early arvo and made myself a cup of tea. I’d be here for four days. Welcome to the start of the 2019 edition of Camp Common Folk.

      Describing this thing is pretty hard. But it’s basically just 60 RAD wedding photographers, holed up in the bush with no reception, staying in cute cottages from Sunday to Thursday: talking shop, sharing ideas, drinking wine, making friends, feeding kangaroos and having a hell-time.

      I’m so fucking happy I get to work in an industry where this is how people arrange conferences. This is how we network//notwerk. This is how we ask questions and find things out. In an industry of almost completely self-employed peeps, it’s inspiring to be able to come together with so many legends (who’ve built such amazing businesses) yet who leave their ego at the door and take the time to share, care and learn from one on another. It’s taking the time to do this which makes us better, which helps us deliver a better experience/wedding day for every client that comes our way.

      Community over Competition. Camp Common Folk 2019.