Tanya & Marc

      – The Farm Yarra Valley, Melbourne, VIC – 

      April 2nd, 2020


      Back in my hey-day – the life & times that were 2005; living in the UK, backpacking Europe and eating muesli for dinner (to save money) I made two mates called Matt & Rob. Back then I honestly thought these guys were cool AF. I looked up to them for the good jokes, their checkered Vans and their stories of sneaking in to bars and events – pretending they worked for the Herald Sun. We used to kick the footy and cruise around town all day (getting coffee from Starbucks and shopping for red undies at H&M) then heading off for the nightshift at our spiritual home – TigerTiger Cardiff.

      All that way back then, Matt met Hayley and it was love at-first-trip-to-London. After a few tears, a long story and a bit of international yo-yo’ing they’re now married with two adorable little kids. Funny story and little segue: my ex-girlfriend actually shot their wedding (she’s not a wedding photographer). They didn’t get to see their photos for two years after their wedding day (yep, that’s right- no sneak peek gallery story here). Good little lesson on hiring a professional and not just “getting a mate to do it”. Thought I’d just slide that in there.

      So when Hayley’s sister Tanya got engaged to her legendary partner Marc at the start of last year, I was stoked when they asked me if I’d come along to capture it. I recommended they check out a place called The Farm Yarra Valley, which they did, and it all went down in December of last year in 44° heat. Not that you could tell. Their wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been part of.

      It was a day full of laughs, full of heart and full of love. Check out the highlights below.

      Venue: The Farm Yarra Valley

      Flowers: Grown Florists

      Cake: Renate Elise Designer Cakes

      Dress: Fairytales Bridal Boutique

      Hair: Emily Ferrato Hair

      Make-up: Reveal Makeup