A bit about my approach to this…

      If you’ve made it this far I’m assuming you’re engaged, planning a wedding, and are now looking for a photographer.

      – First of all, Congratulations! That’s for finding love and for making the commitment to spend the rest of your life with the person you adore most.

      My philosophy as a wedding photographer is simple: I will be there as long as you would like. I will do my very best to capture every single moment of your special day from the walking down the aisle, to the leaves on the ground, the laughter in the morning, the tears at the ceremony and the moves on the dance-floor…

      In my eyes a wedding day isn’t limited to being 6 hours long. You want to soak up every moment – start to finish. And I want to be there to help you remember the best bits, the in-between bits, and the bits you didn’t notice. It’s my mission to tell the story and help you remember every morsel of it for years to come. I don’t believe in fake first dances. I don’t believe in posing. I don’t believe in going home at 7pm.

      Weddings are one of my favourite subjects to shoot. The people, the energy, the rollercoaster of emotions, the funny speeches, the party-party, and all the magic in between always make them special. Every single time. And as corny as this next bit sounds; knowing I’m helping you remember all the moments of your own love story, is what keeps me there all day.

      Please hit the Contact Me button below to get find out more and for a full-list of prices and packages available. I’d love to have a chat about your day, what’s most important to you and about coming along for the ride.