The Method to the Magic

      I like to think that I somewhat specialise in people who feel super awkward in front of the camera (hint: that’s a lot of people) and helping them relax, have fun and forget about their photo being taken…

      A wedding day is not a photoshoot – it’s a live event. There are often moments of awe, of beauty, of crazy and of unplanned wild laughter. I’m not there to endlessly hover over you and you slow things down, interfere and make everything look a particular way because that’s how someone said it should be. Rather, I’d prefer to let it happen as it happens, capturing the real magic as it unfolds… To me, I think that’s where the “work” is (where I come in) in making those bits look as perfect and as beautiful as it looked and felt in reality…

      Not only that, it’s probably the most important live event you’re ever going to go to – and maybe that’s why people started inviting photographers along.


      It’s a bit unconventional, but, I decided to steer away from doing “hourly” wedding-photography-packages and make my approach about capturing the story of each wedding by it’s chapters rather than its minutes – including the parts of the day that are most important to each couple.

      I’m a huge fan of not being in rush. I figure that, instead of having the whole wedding run on the photographers timeline – seeing people plan their day around cramming the “important” bits into that. I’d rather let people take their time, let things unfold naturally – and not have to feel like they’re hustling to be somewhere else.

      You’re there soaking up every moment – start to finish. And I want
      to be there to help you remember the best bits, the in-between bits, and the bits you didn’t notice.

      A wedding is a whole series of little, big-things. A string of special moments that you’ll want to remember – and then enjoy looking back over. Maybe that’s why you’re looking for a photographer to be there.

      Please hit the Contact Me button below to get find out more and for a full-list of prices and packages available. I’d love to have a chat about your day, what’s most important to you and about having me come along for the ride to celebrate with you!